• Cape Town Art Galleries | Part I
    If you're visiting the Mother City and want to know the best art spaces to see the latest selection of original South African art from Cape Town - we have you covered! Read our guide to Cape Town Art Galleries, starting with the East City.
  • In the studio with Juanita Oosthuizen
    See behind the scenes in the studio of Juanita Oosthuizen and read an exclusive interview with the artist about her paper artworks, hand-cut miniature chairs and signature black and white artworks.
  • Sylvester Zanoxolo Mqeku | South African Artist Magazine
    Sylvester Zanoxolo Mqeku, the winner of the 2021 StateoftheART Gallery Award is a Featured Artist in the 65th issue of the South African Artist Magazine, published in November 2021.
  • Award Ceremony and Opening of the Finalists Exhibition 2021
    The official opening event of the 2021 StateoftheART Gallery Award Finalists Exhibition - presenting the 10 Finalists' work on show to the theme 'On The Brink: Visualising Climate Change'. Strijdom van der Merwe gave the opening address and Jennifer Reynolds announced the Award winner: Sylvester Zanoxolo Mqeku!
  • 2021 Award Winner Announced
    At the opening of the 2021 Finalists Exhibition we announced Sylvester Zanoxolo Mqeku as the overall Winner of the Award and recipient of a R40 000 cash prize and solo exhibition with the Gallery next year.